Our Services

In addition to our own portfolio of initiatives and projects, we provide consultancy, facilitation, and development services for third party customers. We undertake these projects on a fee-paid basis, equity-share basis, or profit-share basis depending on the nature and complexity of the project.


Strategic planning

We help companies and organisations develop their plans, be that for general strategic growth, business planning, market evaluation, or raising company finance. We have had experience of starting, growing and exiting from businesses, and so understand some of what it takes in practice to get over these hurdles. We also have an extensive network of experts that we can draw on to help you further where we may fall short.


Business and Technology Roadmapping

We provide a structured and methodical workshop-based programme to enable a company or organization to brainstorm and roadmap its future development. This usually takes place over a 2-4 week period in half-day sessions, either on your site, at the Wyche Innovation Centre, or at some other venue of convenience. This is a great way to obtain management and staff alignment on the future direction of both small and large companies, and we can make the process as formal or informal as you like so as to fit in with you organisation's ethos.